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Company Overview

Pilot Energy is leveraging managements extensive energy experience and its existing assets to supply energy into the Australian market from an expanding portfolio of gas production, energy storage and renewable projects. The core aspects of Pilot Energy’s forward strategy are:

• Positioning the Company to play a significant role in the energy transition;

• Delivering “firming” energy solutions that are essential across the entire energy supply and delivery value chain;

• Building a firming energy solutions business based on delivering and integrating three elements – gas supply, energy storage and renewables;

• Retasking existing assets and acquiring complementary assets to deliver low carbon outcomes;

• Rationalization of existing assets to focus on gas potential and ability to leverage these assets into new firming and renewable projects;

• Monetization/rationalization of exploration exposures to align with a firming energy solutions business focus; and

• High grading opportunities that provide near term cash flow and include options to mitigate execution risk through partnering.