Pilot Energy

Pilot Energy is leveraging managements extensive energy industry experience and its existing oil & gas assets along with established infrastructure to develop competitive, clean energy storage and renewable projects. Pilot is taking a lead role in the energy transition in WA and plans to capitalise on:

  • its material petroleum tenement interests which overlap recognised world class renewable & natural resources in mid west & south west WA
  • its ownership of key energy licences & infrastructure
  • re-tasking of existing infrastructure and acquiring complementary assets to provide clean energy
  • management expertise and partnership arrangements to implement the business strategy

Strategy and Opportunity

Existing infrastructure, abundant renewable and gas resources and ability to provide carbon management services are Pilot’s key enablers for the production of competitive clean energy and hydrogen.

Pilot Energy’s Development Plan

Pilot has commenced preliminary feasibility studies with global expertise. Based on feasibility results, Pilot will leverage existing assets to develop world class clean energy projects in Mid West and South West regions. Key commercial and financial partners will be introduced over time to maximise value for Pilot shareholders.




Note: The map depicts Pilot’s projects and facilities together with infrastructure that Pilot proposes to develop subject to the results of the feasibility studies may include, as shown above, a CO2 pipeline and injection facility, blue hydrogen plants, CCS sites, offshore and onshore wind, solar, renewable hydrogen plant, substation, transmission lines and hydrogen pipelines.

Integrating Infrastructure, Renewables and Carbon Management to Deliver Competitive Clean Energy

  • Blue Hydrogen & CCS development opportunities
  • Mid-West Focus Region has multiple potential offshore wind development sites
  • Onshore footprint provides opportunity for integrated wind and solar development
  • South-West Focus Region has significant potential to provide the region a carbon management service