Oil and Gas Projects

WA-31-L (Pilot 21.25%)

  • Cliff Head Oil Field Joint Venture

WA-481-P Joint Venture (Pilot 60% legal & 100% beneficial)

  • Sale to Triangle subject to final regulatory approval following which Pilot interest reduces to 21.25%
  • Pilot free carried over the next 3 years. Activities include acquisition and processing of extensive 2D and 3D seismic surveys

EP 416 and EP 480 (Pilot 100%)

  • Pilot undertaking Seismic re-processing and is preparing for a geochemical survey
  • 2016 Leschenault prospective resource estimate: best 725 Bcf and high 1,595 Bcf3
  • Farmout arrangements agreed with AET to drill Leschenault exploration well in 2022

EP 437 (Pilot 13.058%)

  • Under review for divestment. Pilot is not required to make financial contributions to Joint Venture activities