ASX Announcements

  27th Dec Annual Report to shareholders  
  21st Dec Expiry of options and cancellation of performance rights  
  14th Dec Letter to foreign shareholders  
  14th Dec Letter to Shareholders  
  13th Dec EHR announces rights issue prospectus  
  13th Dec Prospectus for renounceable rights issue  
  13th Dec Appendix 3B  
  13th Dec Letter to existing option holders  
  13th Dec Change in substantial holding  
  12th Dec Change in substantial holding  
  12th Dec Change in substantial holding  
  12th Dec Change in substantial holding  
  12th Dec Change in substantial holding  
  12th Dec Change in substantial holding relodged to correct address  
  6th Dec Placement Completed and Appendix 3B  
  6th Dec Section 708A release  
  3rd Dec Reinstatement to Official Quotation  
  3rd Dec $1.5m Capital Raising and Broadened Direction  
  29th Nov Extension of Suspension  
  26th Nov Extension of Suspension  
  22nd Nov Extension of Suspension  
  19th Nov Extension of Suspension  
  15th Nov Suspension from official quotation  
  13th Nov Trading Halt  
  31st Oct Quarterly Activities Report and Appendix 5B  
  30th Oct Appendix 3B  
  25th Oct Results of Meeting  
  23rd Oct Corporate Advisor Appointed  
  16th Oct Expiry of escrow period  
  12th Oct Significant Argentine Government Support for Copahue  
  10th Oct Geophysical Acquisition Update  
  5th Oct Energy Demand Increase to be Supplied in Argentina  
  2nd Oct Expansion in Argentina and progress update  
  2nd Oct Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting/Proxy Form  
  30th Aug Media Report - Spot On Geothermal  
  10th Aug Corporate Presentation  
  10th Aug Placement Completed and Appendix 3B attached  
  7th Aug Capital Raising and Update  
  7th Aug Reinstatement to Official Quotation  
  6th Aug Extension of Suspension  
  1st Aug Extension of Suspension  
  31st Jul Activities Report and appendix 5B  
  27th Jul Suspension from official quotation  
  25th Jul Trading Halt  
  25th Jul Progress Update  
  23rd Jul New Research and Strategic Review  
  20th Jul Well Planning and Review for Copahue  
  12th Jul Update of Geoscience Results  
  2nd Jul Earth Heat to raise up to $30m and purchase Geothermal One  
  29th Jun Trading Halt  
  13th Jun Half Yearly Report and Accounts  
  5th Jun Receipt of Engineering Study  
  24th May Extension of Finance to Cover 50MWe Project  
  22nd May Xstrata interested to purchase approximately 50MWe  
  15th May Operations Update  
  8th May Earth Heat signs an exclusivity agreement with Alstom  
  1st May Change in substantial holding  
  1st May Change to registered office and place of business  
  30th Apr Quarterly Activities and Cashflow Report  
  23rd Apr Change in Board Composition  
  23rd Apr Final Director`s Interest Notice  
  23rd Apr Initial Director`s Interest Notice  
  23rd Apr Change in substantial holding  
  17th Apr Copahue Project Update  
  19th Mar Appendix 3B transfer of Canadian stock to CDIs in Australia  
  14th Mar EIA Stage 2 Begins  
  12th Mar Appendix 3B  
  8th Mar Mobilisation of Crews  
  7th Mar Reinstatement to official list  
  7th Mar Earth Heat Capital Raising Completed  
  5th Mar Suspension from Official Quotation  
  29th Feb Trading halt  
  23rd Feb BRR Earth Heat secure $40m in project financing  
  23rd Feb Earth Heat ahead of the pack  
  23rd Feb Managing Director`s presentation to AGM  
  23rd Feb Results of Meeting  
  23rd Feb Appendix 3B  
  23rd Feb Change of director`s interest notice by 3  
  22nd Feb $40m in additional project finance for the Copahue developme  
  14th Feb Junior debt update  
  31st Jan General Update  
  31st Jan Quarterly Activities / Cashflow Report  
  23rd Jan Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form  
  23rd Jan Waiver from ASX listing rule 10.13.5  
  20th Jan Consolidation of South Australian GELs  
  16th Jan New research available on company website  
  12th Jan Expiry of escrow period 22 January 2012  

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